Thursday, May 18, 2006

Purpose of the survey

This report presents the results of a survey on students’ program choice. The aim of the survey was to find out students’ future project. Another goal was to see if it different in any country.

A sample of 24 students answered the survey questions through the world. All of the students answered the name of the program are they studying in, them plans after school and in ten years where do they see themselves. More than two-thirds of the respondents locate en North America and one-thirds of them in Canada. The questionnaire contained six multiple-choice questions, one yes no question in which students said if they ever changed programs and three one open-ended question in which all body answered.

Our results show that student’s choose the program particularly for the interest with sixty seven response percent, more precisely sixteen students on twenty-four. Full half of the respondents later expect to work by ourselves, not for the government. The majority of students’ priorities are the family in first choice. Three important factors influence students’ program choice: First the interest for the course, second the course and third the salary. The salary is an third, I believed the opposite.

The results demonstrate that students seem have a good idea of their future project. After school, more half of the respondents want to go on the work market and travel with family. A little bit of them wants to go at the university. Finish no body answered that they don’t know. All students were having different plans in ten years. They are all interesting but a girl in particularly pick up my intention, she said: « I see myself in ten years with 4 children and my husband in a house near the beach in California! I will have my own dental clinic at home. I found it funny, because each girl hopes this dream life. The answers to questions 8 and 10 are different but the questions are similar, after school students want to find a job and in ten years, the same students want to build a family. More of them want to quit the country where they live at this moment. It is interesting to see the evolution of them life.

Many factors influence student’s program choice and future project. The survey confirms that the students take a decision for the future not for the salary, but for the interest. Our personal goal was not influencing by the parent, only by our dream life. For example, the students choose a career that not corresponds with parent’s career. A student want to becoming dentist and her mother is secretary and her father is a boss of a company. It is safe to assume that students expect are raise, but it is fascinating.


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